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...Features and working principle, technical specifications

...EST Deformation System Duplex G1.A1

...Mile stones

Selected current references:

1. Electric locomotives:

...Electric locomotives newbuild

...Electric locomotives retrofit

2. Diesel locomotives:

...Diesel locomotives newbuild

...Diesel locomotives retrofit

3. Passenger coaches and driving trailers:

...Passenger coaches and driving trailers newbuild

...Passenger coaches and driving trailers retrofit

4. Hazardous goods and chemical tank wagons:

...Hazardous goods and chemical tank wagons newbuild

...Hazardous goods and chemical tank wagons retrofit

5. Other rail vehicles:

...Harsco Rail catenary and tunnel maintenance vehicles for SBB

...Historic vehicles

...ÖBB RoLa Rolling road low-loader wagons

...Windhoff Cargosprinter

...Skoda RegioPanter and InterPanter multiple units (CD Class 640, 660)

...ZOS Vrutky Regiomover multiple units (ZSSK Class 861)

6. Crash tests:

...Vehicle crash tests with locomotives

...Vehicle crash tests with passenger coaches

...Vehicle crash tests with freight wagons

...Vehicle crash tests with tank wagons

7. Accident research:

...Real accidents of vehicles with EST Crash Buffers

8. Special applications:

...Applications outside of the rail traffic

9. News and media, miscellaneous:

...The EST Crash Buffer in the news

...Spectators' comments on the EST Crash Buffer

Your contribution

Dear railway fans: We are always happy to recieve mail with your photos, which show vehicles with EST components during service, on the tracks and in the stations, or references to publications in the news. With your agreement we would like to add the material to this webpage.


EST Eisenbahn-Systemtechnik GmbH, Wielandstraße 15, D-88239 Wangen im Allgäu, Deutschland [Germany]

Tel.: +49 7522 9155133, Fax: +49 7522 9155134
E-Mail: info/at/

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